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Of all the countless “my digital camera is better than yours” phone releases, this one surely has the least relevance of any of them? And of all of the tales, footage of uniformly brown rocks and sand on Mars must be a variety of the most unrewarding images even taken, considering the trouble Photograpy News and expense required to get them. I can’t imagine we’ve already been doing weekly photo challenges for half a year! I’m continually amazed by the quality of labor submitted by our readers, and I love the inspiration it provides each week. If you’ve participated in these challenges before, I’d like to supply my honest thanks.

  • This issue’s news contains Leica’s new full-frame mirrorless SL in addition to the RX1R II from Sony.
  • Only very few photos have really captured my curiosity, especially the portrait with the “1000 cuts”, which has deeply impressed and touched me.
  • Both vehicles have carried out nicely throughout their first year on the planet.
  • Maybe the bar has been raised too high these days and we’ve come to anticipate more and more.

Only Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge can show HDR photographs on the web, so Firefox and Safari are SDR-only for now. Because Apple’s rules limit browsers on iPads and iPhones to Apple’s net rendering technology, Chrome can’t display HDR pictures on those units despite newer models’ hardware functionality to do so. When I took this shot of a dawn in rural France, I was frustrated by my inability to indicate both the dawn sky colours and the shadowed foreground.

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I skipped theNikon Dfbecause its autofocus was additionally “retro” , and Nikon’s Zfc didn’t curiosity me due to the very small vary of APS-C Nikon Z lenses. The golden rule of meals photography is that the picture is nugatory if it doesn’t make the meals look appetizing. While there are tons of tricks commonly used to artificially make food look even better or fresher, it is attainable to take great images of meals with just a little preparation and good gentle.

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