London Marathon: Family run for man with rare cancer

Ms Drewitt added it had been a “very challenging” year.

“Twelve months ago I was in Worcester Royal having my second child and he was down the corridor being diagnosed with a form of cancer,” she said.

She said the help and support the family had received from friends and family as well as the charity was “absolutely phenomenal”.

Mrs Woodhouse explained the charity had been an “amazing support” to her husband.

“They were on the phone to him every week. If he was worried about anything or just needed someone to talk to – both emotionally and for medical advice – they have been just invaluable,” she said.

The pair say the money they raise will go towards funding research and raising awareness of the rare cancer.

“Running a marathon is just a small thing we can do,” Mrs. Woodhouse said.

As well as her husband’s cancer, she herself has recovered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma after being diagnosed in 2017.

“So we’ve had it twice [in the family] unfortunately, but we’re going to do it together and it’s going to be a brilliant day,” added Ms Drewitt.

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