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Ethical hacker training almost sounds like an oxymoron. How can one be both ethical and a hacker? You will need to gain an understanding of what an ethical hacker is, how they are trained, and what they do to fully comprehend the genius of such a position.

The position is a unique one. The training teaches the same techniques that any hacker would learn to try to infiltrate a computer system. The difference is that they do it to find weaknesses before they can truly be exploited. By finding the weaknesses before they are made accessible to the general public, actual penetration of the system can be avoided. Discovering these weaknesses is merely a way of testing the security of a system.

While the hacking skills may be the same, it is the intent that makes all the difference. While these individuals may still be trying to find a way into the system that would allow them to gain access and control of the inner workings of that system, they do so that they can then find a way to protect that weakness. They identify the permeable points so that they can be fortified. To stop a hacker, you need to find a hacker urgently like one.

The training that such an individual receives must be extensive. A thorough knowledge of how hackers make their way into systems is required so that the defences put in place will be more than adequate to stop any real hacker. If one misses any vulnerability present in the system then you can be sure that there will be an unethical type out there who will exploit this weakness.

There are a variety of courses offered to assist with this training. While there is no substitute for experience, a comprehensive course in network security can help to prepare an interested person to work in the field. This understanding of both attacks and countermeasures is essential to the position. It includes knowledge of what to do if a system is breached, the investigation of any attempted attacks, and the follow up on any computer crimes.

Ethical hackers are hired by a company to test the permeability of their network. Their efforts help to keep information and systems safe in a world where high tech crime is becoming more and more common. Finding the holes in a network is not a simple matter because technology of both attack and defence on this level is always changing and advancing.

What was safe and secure six months ago may be easily overcome now. A working knowledge of the latest hacking techniques is a fluid thing. It is always changing. These qualified individuals perform risk analysis and help the various domains to work congruently to assure a high level of security for the whole system. Those who go through training even work to develop the new software that will be put into place once vulnerabilities have been identified and countermeasures have been put in place.

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