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As football season approaches, there’s only one day guys consider the best day of the week: Saturday. Game day to them that means tailgating, eating unhealthy food and drooling over the team’s cheerleaders. But of course there are other fans that also get up every Saturday morning, look forward to the game and know just as many statistics as the guys do. Say hello to the lady fans in the crowd!

Yes, they love the tailgating just as much and if they’re really knowledgeable in the sport, they know exactly who the hottest players on the team are. The only thing that separates the men from the women during football season is the attire. Men can show up in a baggy jersey or just shorts and a bare top covered in body paint and no one would think twice about it. If a woman did the same she would not only stop traffic, but would also cause a head on collision!

Luckily, we’ve got the top 10 dos and don’ts for this upcoming football season. See which category you bandar judi online in to!


DON’T: Have your bra showing through a loose fitted tank top, it’s just tacky.

DO: We get it, it gets hot all day in the sun and you’re trying to wear minimal clothing. But ladies, it’s called an undergarment for a reason. It should be worn under your clothing and not visible to anyone! If you’re looking for extra support under your loose tank, why not try a bikini top with your school colors?


DON’T: Purchase an over-sized jersey and cut it up. You may end up ruining the jersey and then you’re out of the money you spent to buy it and still left without anything to wear.

DO: Let’s be honest, you’re most likely not a fashion designer. Paying all that money for a jersey to then cut it up and risk it not coming out the way you imagined can be frustrating. So why not leave it to the professionals? Miss Fanatic has great jersey tops that are already made to fit a woman’s body. Check out their Free Agent jersey tube top, it’s to die for!


DON’T: Wear dangerous shoes to the game, ie stilettos.

DO: Ok, some schools value tradition and that requires dressing up for the games. But Pumps? You think you’re going to last six hours in heels? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Ladies, just wear comfortable sneakers or sandals and if you really just have to have the extra height grab a pair of wedges which are much safer. You can still find fashionable ones if you’re worried about not looking your best. But the truth is that no one will be looking at your feet.


DON’T: Think you’re skin is invincible to the sun.

DO: Please wear sunscreen to the games; it will go a long way! The last thing you need is to be tailgating all day and then walk into the stadium looking like a tomato. Even if it’s not that sunny out, the rays can still reach you. You will be thanking the sunscreen gods after you see your friends looking like they have been farming potatoes all day, while you’re sunburn free!

Short Shorts

DON’T: Wear shorts that are too short or ride up.

DO: Tailgating is a public event, ladies. Don’t show up in super cut up shorts that basically show off your assets or lack thereof. You can sport shorts, just make sure their appropriate enough that the girl in the tent across from you isn’t pointing and laughing. Embarrassing! Even better try checking out the Blitz skirt by Miss Fanatic. It looks just like a football player’s bottom. You’ll still maintain your sex appeal but in a sportier more appropriate way!

Face Paint

DON’T: Forget you’re wearing it!

DO: If you like wearing face paint to the games, fine. Just please remember you’re wearing it! Sometimes it can get so sweaty during those day games that one swipe to the face and it’s hello scary face! Don’t be that girl that looks a hot mess and a half, bring a mirror or have one of your friends be on face paint patrol!

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