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Even if you live far away ┬áKona Coffee Bean the tropical paradise of Hawaii you can still get the world’s best coffee to your doorstep when you order Kona coffee online. I’ve realized that this is possibly the best way to research on where to get the best source of this Hawaiian treasure short of going to the Big Island. I was able to read up and do a comparison of the varieties available and much more. One just has to know some important guidelines to ensure that what you’re getting is indeed authentic.

Hawaii’s caffeine pride has been famous for a long time for its high quality and unique flavor. It was introduced to Hawaii as Coffea arabica back in the 1800s and flourished in the 20 mile long Kona Coffee Belt. This agricultural success can be credited to the region’s special combination of nutrient rich volcanic soil, climate, and hardworking immigrant farmers. The care in hand harvesting and grading the coffee cherries that make up each final product is well known and appreciated by enthusiasts.

It pays to do a little research before parting with your cash to order Kona coffee online. Only double click on your shopping cart once you’re more knowledgeable about what’s being offered out there on the web. Is the bag made up of 100% Kona coffee or merely a blend? Hawaiian regulations require producers to provide label information if their product is purely from Kona beans or is a blend of beans, many of which may not even come from the Aloha State.

Another thing to consider when you’re ordering online is the type of beans available. These can be classified according to the number of beans in the cherry. Type I has one bean per cherry and is further identified depending on its size, shape, moisture level, and number of defects it is allowed to have. From this type it’s primarily classified into Extra Fancy, Fancy, and No. 1. There is also the Type II bean or the premium Peaberry and the Peaberry Prime which both have one bean instead of two in its cherry.

Among these different categories one can choose which flavor appeals the most according to your individual drinking preference. The bigger Extra Fancy has fuller flavor beans while the medium-sized Fancy has a medium body flavor. The smaller No. 1 has a milder and nutty flavor while the rarer and more unusual Peaberry is said to have twice the flavor and more nutrients despite its smaller size.

Another question to ask while you’re busy shopping is what kind of service or benefits your merchant offers when you choose them. What you’re about to buy is one of the most expensive in the world and it’s good to at least know if there’s free shipping or a discount when you order Kona coffee online. These options may be available depending on where you live and whether the order is in big quantities or if you are a repeat customer. Find out too if the shipping is direct from Hawaii and if the beans are only roasted upon order to better guarantee the freshness of your purchase.

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