Attorneys want courtroom closed for piece of evidence in Dulos case

STAMFORD — The attorney for Michelle Troconis and prosecutors are asking a judge to close the courtroom when they argue next month over a particular piece of evidence in the Jennifer Dulos case.

Jon Schoenhorn, who is representing Troconis, turned the sweatshirt over to prosecutors in 2021 through a third party, attorney Tara Knight, who is now a Superior Court judge.

A letter that was with the sweatshirt will be the subject of a hearing on March 15 and 16 to determine if the note falls under attorney-client privilege and if Schoenhorn waived that privacy by asking Knight to turn the piece of clothing over to prosecutors.

In addition to a closed court, the attorneys also want any “privileged materials that will be filed” in connection with the hearing to also be sealed.

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