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Scotland is a country of great contrasts. It is a country that because of it geography and past is so closely linked to its neighbour south of the border. But never regard Scotland as an area of England. It is its own Country, with its own Government and proud history. Most Scots are very proud people and like to point out that many of today’s technologies were invented by Scotsmen.

Going on a grand tour of Scotland should give any traveller a broad experience of the place, its people and its past, which makes it what it is now. Of course any journey to Scotland must include a trip to its famous capital, Edinburgh and excursions to some of the grand castles and stately country estates that abound in this rich country. But we should also not forget the contribution Scotland has played to the technology field. The television for instance was invented by Logie Baird who was born in Helensburgh Scotland. The common bicycle was invented by Kirkpatrick MacMillan, another Scotsman. An Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone was also a Scotsman.

Industry and life in general today Sainsologi be the same had it not been some clever Scots. The Steam Engine was invented by James Watt which was instrumental in the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century. The steam hammer was invented by another Scot, James Nasmyth. Sir Robert Watson-Watt is considered by many to be the inventor of the radar. Even though the initial idea wasn’t his, but when Watson-Watt became Superintendant in the British Air Ministry, his work resulted in the design and installation of aircraft detection and tracking stations. It is thought this system provided the vital advance information that helped the Royal Air Force win the Battle of Britain in 1940.

A visit to the National Museum of Scotland is a must when visiting Edinburgh. As well as learning all about Scottish history, the natural world, science and technology is all very much part of the experience to be had at this great museum.

Travelling northwards along the shores of the largest inland water in the country, Loch Lomond, you will pass through spectacular countryside, which is getting more rugged and the mountains will seem to become higher as you reach northwards. A visit to this area is not complete without going to Loch Ness where you can have a look for the famous monster.

There are many tours you can go on to experience this beautiful country to its fullest. There are train tours which can speed you comfortably from London to Edinburgh or Glasgow. Once you are in Scotland you can go on coach tours which can take you to all the top spots.

A visit to the UK is only complete if you have been to some parts of Scotland. Having been there myself many times I cannot rate it high enough. My only gripe is the weather. It is colder the higher north you visit and it’s only the summer months when there is likelihood of some nice weather. But if you’re a true nature lover, then the weather shouldn’t really be an issue.

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