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Gluten Free Cereal with essential nutrients:

This type of cereal can be great for your weight loss plan but it may not be equally good for your health because most of this cereal come with no nutrient value. That’s why it is very important Bagels near me you should consume only those cereals that are not only gluten free but have additional vitamins and minerals as well. You can easily find these types of cereals that are not only gluten free but have added nutrients without increasing their calorie count.

Eggs with sweet potato:

This is not only one of the best diets but it has all the nutrient value as well. So you can eat lightly fried eggs with less oil and some sweet potatoes with it. In addition to this you can season it with salt and paprika to add more flavor to the dish.


Bread is one of the most ignored gluten free food that you can enjoy anytime of the day. You can easily get whole grain bread or bagel in market and it tastes equally great. The best thing about whole grain flour bagels are that a big loaf contains less than 280 calorie, 3 grams of fiber and impressively 7 grams of protein.


Possibly this is the most popular of these foods that people have been using a very long time to control their weight and to fight with celiac disease. The best thing about naturally processed oats are that theya are completely sodium free and it contain enough fiber and protein that make sure you not only lose weight in a natural manner but you also stay healthy. Other than this, its fiber also makes sure your digestive system work perfectly.


One should include a variety of soups in your diet plan. You can include mushroom soup, chicken soup, Thai curry, and roasted vegetable soup and you can achieve your gluten free diet plan without compromising with your taste buds. The best thing about these soups are that they are not very high in calories.

In addition to these 5 ideal gluten free foods make sure those processed foods do not contain any added preservatives that are high in calories or other harmful substances for body.

Bottom line:

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